Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Richard Canard - Cardboardale, Illusion USA

Very Creative!!! Thank you so much for helping raise money and awareness for this cause!!! And thank you so much for all your contributions!!!!

"Little Debbie Snacks & Little Richard"
by Richard Canard
Cardboardale, Illusion

Richard writes...
I found this cardboard box in teh street & now it's "art". Who said so? I said so. Artists create their own little world. Everybody knows that.(& how nice of you not to mention that the world is also full of delusional peopel.) & so, I'm gonna go one step further. This postcard is also worth money. Think of it liek a "coupon". Just clip and return to me the bottom right hand corner of this postcard & I will send you 2 dollars in cash. Don't forget your name & address. & that's just a sample of how valuable this piece of cardboard is really worth. Signed, Richard

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