Thursday, December 31, 2009

Robert Znajomski

WOW! These are wonderful paintings and drawings!!! Thank you so much for all your contributions...

by Robert Znajomski
from Leczna, POLAND


I held a mailart call a couple years ago for Coffee - How Does It Make You Feel and Fabio Sassi sent some great creative work! Here's a great piece of art from Sassi for this exhibit...

by Fabio Sassi
from Bologna, ITALY


Interesting collage from Germany.

by Uirdurhof
from Winnemark, GERMANY

(I'm so sorry if I am spelling your name incorrectly. Please let me know to update it properly - thank you. )

Anna Boschi

Mail art is always exciting! Here is an exciting collage that showed up in the mailbox today...

"Homage to Ray Johnson: Mail art father"
by Anna Boschi
Castel S. Pietro Terme, ITALY

Wacky Stuff


Psychedelic Ancestors
by Wacky Stuff
Victoria BC, CANADA

Monday, December 21, 2009


This cracked me up... and made me a little hungry. LOL Thanks so much Cheerio for the mailart.

by Cheerio
Arvada, Colorado

It came with the following note...

"Dear Cranberry Days,
Thanks for accepting
my mailart. Good
(signed with a symbol of a Cheerio)"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Daniel de Culla

Great work from Spain!

Ranas Rojas (Red Frogs)
by Daniel de Culla
Burgos, Spain

by Daniel de Culla
Burgos, Spain


Very neat paper used on this artwork! Lots of fibers in the paper which goes with the art depicted. Great!

Assemble Ensemble
by Realneo
Barrie, Canada
"Assemble Ensemble.
Sent Nov-Dec -09 to various locations.
8.5x6 card. Pastel, linoleum block print, rubber letter stamp,acrylic fixative, ink, on India Silk paper..
Just a little seasonal visual joke."


Some mailart I received a couple months back as a response for some mailart I sent. Thought I would include it in the show because I like it...

by Jean-Noel
Calais, France

Friday, December 4, 2009


How Exciting! Special "thanks" to Russell Manning of Dallas TX for his contribution...