Friday, May 7, 2010

Cranberry Days Mailart Show!

Wahooo! All the mailart received to date was dropped off at Painted Planet this Wednesday to start being hung for the show! Wahooo! Special thanks to Jackie Gregory for her contribution to the fundraising efforts. On Wednesday my curiosity got the best of me and I opened what was in the mailart purse...(I was doing to try to not open it and just let the person that purchased it for the fundraiser get the surprise, but it was too much for the ol' curiosity factor!) Thank you so much for being the first cash donation to this show to benefit cancer research!!! As soon as I get pics of the artwork hung, I'll post on the blog! Thank you everyone for your contributions to the show!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silla Campanini - Bologna, ITALY

WOWOWO! Cool mixed media mailart!

Silla Campanini

Petra Dzierzon - Berlin, GERMANY

When I first received this mailart I thought that the envelope was it... then opened it up and found this fun photo! Thanks so much!!!

Petra Dzierzon

Luisa Bergamini - Bologna, ITALY

WOW! I tried translating the name of this painting to english and came up with "Spirits in the Fire" from Great painting!

"Anime Nel Fuoco" 2008
Luisa Bergamini

Jackie Gregory - Lookout Mountain, Tennessee USA

I again am amazed about the art objects that make it intact through the mail. Like this funky foot! :) TOO MUCH FUN! I like all the detailing like the painted and decorated toenails and cornpatch. LOL Thank you so much Jackie! You are creative and thinking sooo outside the mailbox it's great!

Jackie Gregory
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Richard Canard - Carbondale, Illusion USA

I always like getting mailart from Richard Canard! Always creative! And fun quotes from him like the one on this piece of art... "There is only one great postcard in the world & every mail artist sends it." OH, SO TRUE! It is always so much fun to send out mailart and every piece I get to send feels like the greatest one yet. :) Thank you so much for all your contributions and your creative work!

Richard Canard
Carbondale, Illusion

Amanda M. Carrillo - Fremont, California USA

A collage with a fortune cookie note "The best prophet of the future is the past." Interesting!

Amanda M. Carrillo
Fremont, California