Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cherie Bright - Houston, Texas, USA

This is so fun and creative! I love the use of the psychedelic transparent film! Too cool!

Look at the World Through Cranberry Eyes
by Cherie Bright
Houston, Texas, USA
Author of Another Day, Another Story

Maria Da Gloria - Porto Alegre-RS., BRAZIL

Beautiful and interesting statement with this collage. This is a fun medium to utilize. Thanks!!!

by Maria Da Gloria Jesus De Oliveira
Porto Alegre-RS., BRAZIL

Bernhard Zilling - Berlin, GERMANY

I like how it looks like the main character in the art is dancing! Thanks for the contribution!

Let's Do It!
by Bernard Zilling

Carlo Maria Giudici - Lecco LC, ITALY

Wonderful painting with vibrant colors! Thanks so much for the contribution!

Mirtilli in Valvarrone
by Carlo Maria Giudici

Silvia Bocca - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Here is a collage of the mailart from the show Dangerous Art. Thank you so much Silvia for putting this together! Check out the site at http://www.dangerousart.blogspot.com

Collage of Dangerous Art
by Silvia Bocca
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jarmo Sermila FINLAND

Interesting collage from Finland! wahooo! I'm so excited about all the cool art arriving from all over the world. AMAZING!

"Simple Highlights"
by Jarmo Sermila

Medwolf - Battleford, Sask. CANADA

Thank you so much for the cranberry people. I like your use of the title of this exhibit and the use of altered photography like the dreamcatcher in the cranberry woman.

"Cranberry Man"
"Cranberry Woman!"
by Medwolf
Battleford, Sask. CANADA

Judith A. Skolnick - Washington, DC USA

Very groovy and fun card! It took me a while to look at the card and catch all the details. NEAT!

"It's Magic"
by Judith A. Skolnick
Washington, D.C. USA

Crackerjack Kid - Portland, Oregon USA

Wella wella I ah lika the card! Especially being near Graceland and the fair city of Memphis. Thanks for the contribution!!!

Crackerjack Kid
Portland, Oregon USA

C. Lou Tennessee USA

Technicolor is cool!

Technicolor Flamengos and Technicolor Wallibee
by C. Lou
Tennessee USA

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Sovereign Newspaper

WOW! I might just have to subscribe to this newspaper!

Concept and Design by Robert Pasternak
The Sovereign Newpaper
New York City, New York USA